I lost my Action Cam

Dear friends, its something hard to define. It really pains. My Brother Aswin Sibi gifted me an Action Cam from Abu Dhabi during his last vacation. 

We made many experiments with the cam. It was giving good performance though it was a chinese made. 

It was very unfortunate that during an offroad expeditions through the lush plantations,i lost my action cam. 

How ?

During the Expeditions,the offroad was tough and slushy. The Rain made the terrain tougher than we expected. 

The Action Cam was set up on the left side of the jeep. It was on the recording mode. It was drizzling. We went to the narrow path where the mud was slippery and we all get down to push the jeep.

The left side was steep down. The Cam got loose and it fell downwards. We were not able to step down. We go for a search till the possible end. Almost for two hours. Then the disappointed team got back. 

All my video footage were lost. 


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