Sri Lanka,Nuwara Eliya – The Little England Colonial Post Office. 

When the car was stopped i woke up. It was a small town according to the first look. But it was pretty large than my assumption. 

I was a little tired of the long journey from Nigambo to Nuwara Eliya. Just get out of the cab and walk a little and odered a tea at the local shop.  

I saw a post box at the street. It seems they still use the letter box. The guide/Driver informed me that the post office at the other side was made by the british. 

His English was poor than me. But he manages to convey. It was a great knowledge that no language matters in communication. Its an art. 

I just made a click of the building. The architecture attracted me. I had seen a few bunglaows at Munnar in the same architecture style. 

But i wonder they maintains the existance as a history or a chapter of the olden days. The SriLankan also had an experience of the Brutal British Rule as Indian. 

Anyhow i just clicked a few pictures 


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