Canon Rebel T6 – Photography Partner

I was waiting for a long time to have a camera. I was really waiting for one. Though it was beyond my budget to buy a camera. DSLR are really expensive. 

1200D was in my dreams as an entry level camera which was far better than my Digital Camera. 

My brother bought me a new one. Canon T6 Rebel which is of about 500$. 

Category: Entry level +

Megapixels: 24.2

Sensor size: 332 sq. mm

What we like: Shoots excellent video, particularly with STM lenses.

What we don’t: For still photos we give the nod to Nikon. 

Lenses: Best Lenses for Canon T6i
Canon’s Rebel series has become synonymous with entry-level DSLRs, and with all the success, they keep rolling out new models without the need for major tweaks. The new Canon Rebel T6i does feature a bump in resolution to 24.2 megapixels (the T5i has 18 megapixels), which bridged the gap with Nikon’s DX cameras like the D5500 and Nikon D3300. Canon also improved the autofocus and added ever-important Wi-Fi capability to the mix. Interestingly, Canon offers two versions of this camera: the T6i and the T6s. The latter retails for $100 more and comes with a few added features like an eye sensor for the optical viewfinder and a quick control dial.

Moreover it doesnt mean i am a photographer. I really love to travel and to capture the moments. I hope i will be posting the pictures and videos on my blog. 


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