Under Water Exploration at Kovalam – Kerala

​Guys Under water is not verymuch familiar to indians. I really wondered about a beautiful secenic adventurous underwater exploration in kerala. 

Kovalam is one of the known beachside of kerala which has a great importance in the tourism map of Kerala and India.

Bond Safari

Bond is a fancy scooter attached to a container filled with air, that permits one person to explore the underwater world. It is a safe and effortless Journey, fear not, you will not be drinking any sea-water and only be partially drenched. Yes…It is the first step to introduce you to the world of scuba diving.

If you love adventure and wish to explore the underwater world with its fascinating creatures, then make use of this chance. It is not as easy as it sounds to explore the beautiful underwater world. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for you because you can’t do this in your everyday life. With a Bond, you can carefully and easily dive underwater like never before. With this, your head and shoulders remain dry and there will be no difficulty in breathing.You can breathe normally while you are underwater, just enjoy the new world,new species and many more.

This is an unique experience for anyone who wishes to try something new each time. The fascinating underwater life is amazing and makes you feel relaxed. Anybody can take part in this underwater activity as there is no age limit. Come and enjoy the underwater life, make it adventureous and exciting…Sit Down, Submerge & Drive Off!

If you are intrested in Under water exploration. You can go for it. To Explore & To Experience. 

Bond Safari diving center is perfectly situated in kovalam. Kovalam is a beach nearby the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala, India, located around 16 km from the city center. The beach is near by the Diving Center having the quality rental equipment and a fully stocked retail shop where you’ll find diving and snorkeling gear, dive computers, wetsuits, rash guards, goggles, and just about anything you need to help make your experience underwater unforgettable.


Bond Safari


Suseela Tower,Beach Road,VRP XIX/553-A KOVALAM P.O. Kerala


Phone: +91 99465 50073




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