Experience the Nature & Explore the Villages of Munnar – Jeeping

The Summer days are getting hot, But Munnar still has its usual chillness and the breeze makes me cool enough. I was sipping the special munnar tea with the flavour of cardomom. i really want to explore and waiting for a chance after the hiking at Illikkalkallu.

The jeep was outside the house, i ask my uncle wether he know some spots for a ride or a hike. he told me about Ponmudi Dam and Nadukani Para. he also wants to join me to realx from all his stress. We together made our first travel companionship.

We took the heavy offroads to experience the real tough jeeping. the 1995 model Mahindra Major performed well in the off roads, it managed well in the ups and downs of the off road.

We are further towards the sightseeing along with the jeeping.


After the offroad trails, we found a river flowing downwards towards Sree Narayanapuram and we stopped near the waterfalls and we have to walk towards the waterfalls. the rocks of the falls have big holes to kill. ” Be Carefull” “Danger” boards are visible at the falls. I do suggest the same that dont play in the unknown loacations,Be Safe and Be Careful about your life to explore more….

Anappara, a plantation area mainly cardamom,coffee,pepper and so on, our jeep passes through the plantations and stopped over a rock with a wide view of ponmudi dam and the mountains. Anappara means elephant rock, which the rock reminds a gaint elephant or it refers its size.


After the plantation trails, we gear towards Kallimaly View Point, It’s awsome . Kallimaly View has a panoramic view of Ponmudi Dam. we found a fishing boat, a small vallom which one can use inside the dam. The dam has big fishes inside. the cool breeze at Kallimaly was lifting my urge of travel   and exploration.


Ponmudi Dam is surrounded by the hills and can find small islands inside the dam. our jeep pass over the dam towards the other side.the dam view and dam site was a beautiful eyesight.

Nadukani Para is a view point where you can watch all the villages from the top of the rock, a long view of Sree Narayanapuram Waterfalls is visible from here and on the other side we can find Ponmudi Dam.

We drive towards the eco point, which a howl reproduce the eco after a few seconds. due to the surounded mountains and water resourses.


The narrow roads of Ponmudi rock gap which the roads were constucted at the same period of dam constuction and the road leads to the hanging bridge made of metal which the suspension technique is used.the experience of riding over the suspension bridge was great.

After the trails and off road, my feel was that how many of the travellers could expereince this trails. They remain as usual visitors, never experiencing or exploring the new destinations.

This travel motivates my urge to explore the unexplored.

” Jeep is the best means of transport for an offroad trails and it is considered as the best performing vehicle on off roads. ”






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