Towards Thattekkad in the Year End

30th December 2015

After the Christmas, i was sitting at my home. I thought to get ready for a short travel on the year end of 2015. Thats the best way i could tell a good bye to the year 2015 which helps me to take some decisions which i hope will be life changing. The year which arose my Confidence Level as a person.

Jeffin Santhosh -My brother – my usual travel partner had moved to Canada for his higher studies. So i need another travel partner to assist me although i love solo travel.

I called my cousin – Sachin Sinny, a college going little boy who loves to travel. i made a quick plan.

Sachin Sinny – A photo session

Hello ..

Hello Bro..

Tommorrow, let’s visit Thattekkad.


See you at 10 AM. Take your Camera.


The conversation ends.

Camera was not too good. He has a Sony Cybershot and i have a Samsung Digital Camera.

Good Morning …

I took my bag and travel gears and sachin was ready with his Rayban Glass for a perfect photoshoot. His need was to change the profile pictures daily.

We reached Kothamangalam at 11.00 AM. Thattekkad was 12 kms. We were excited and reached Thattekkad.


Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, covering an area of barely 25 km2 was the first bird sanctuary in Kerala. Salim Ali, one of the best known ornithologist described this sanctuary as the richest bird habitat on peninsular India.


The Bird Sanctuary is in its devoloping stage. The cages were having a few birds like Peacock, Eagle, Parrots and animals like Wild Cat,Monkeys,Sankes etc were caged. A beautiful flower garden with lots of butterflies.

Informative speicies of Birds graph and habitat were in the Gallery.

Forest Walk.

The forest walk was intresting though we couldn’t explore well. We followed a jungle fowl. we spot one. couldn’t get a chance to click as the fowl is not intrested it is not intrested in facebook likes and shares.

We moved on to Idamalayar forest route. We just had a forest ride. We visited the forest of Idamalayar.

We stopped near a small river through the forest. had the fresh water. We made a small trekking through the forest. We smelled the elephant and just came out of the forest. Later had a coversation with the forest department officers andcame to know that a lonely single elephant who is dangerous is always near the water resource. We were lucky enough to see the year 2016.

we moved on to Boothathankettu .

Loved the Ride.





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