Adventurous Mountaineering to Illikkal Kallu


Illikkal kallu is just 20 kms away from Erattupetta. Sachin Sinny and me took the bike to Illikkal kallu. We were in a mood of mountaineering. We keep the bike at the entrence of Illikkkal kallu. Sachin once came before with his friends and i was new to the destiantion. I find many post related to Illikkal kallu in a group named Sanchari . Everyone was praising the destination. I just really want to explore the destiantion.

We walked together upwards to  the mountain. The sun was teribly hot. We had a bottle of water. a packet of good day biscut with us. We reached the top of the mountain. I feel like i completed the mission. But it was the real begining. We started to climp up to the Illikkal kallu – The single stone.



We take about one hour to complete the montaineering and then we spend a lot of time at the top with heavy wind.

Illikkal kallu is an experience that i cannot express through the words. Its much more than that.

Adventure means its really adventurous destination. A small mistake will be hard to survive,.

CAUTION : No Selfie




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