Travel Experience & Exploration – Jammu & Kashmir-India

In the month of August 2014. I made a quick plan to visit Jammu & Kashmir,India. made a quick plan within a week and booked the tickets to Srinagar. It was a one week plan. We departed on August 1st 2014. It rains heavily in Kerala. It was My First Flight Journey (Cochin to Sri Nagar) .

The Shah Ruk Khan movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)  really inspired me to visit Kashmir. The Cinematographer Anil Mehta had showed us the beauty of Kashmir.

About the Airport :

Sri Nagar International Airport have extra levels of security check when compared to other Indian airports due to the security reasons and still have a shadow of terrorism. Indian Soldiers do their job well and they do a thorough check through our bagpacks and they will not allow anything they feel suspecious. My Co-Traveller had a small multi-purpose tool with a knife in it. The Security Guards took it off from him.

On the way to Gulmarg

We call a Taxi from air port to Gulmarg. It was about a 50 km journey.And My Travel Experience & Exploration – Jammu & Kashmir-India begins

The Call Taxi Driver helped us to find a Hotel at Gulmarg.

View from Hotel Room

Great time to spend with the cool breeze. I made a next day plan and also made a decision to stay for three days in Gulmarg.


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