My First Flight Journey (Cochin to Sri Nagar)

Today I saw a flight over my hometown and found a child watching it with a lot of excitement which led me to a nostalgia during my childhood. I also used to watch the flight and jumped with lot of joy when it fly over. My first journey on flight was to Kashmir in 2014. I booked Indigo Airlines Flight from Cochin to Srinagar


It was a journey to Kashmir. I took my flight from Cochin. I arrived the Domestic Departure of Cochin International Airport. It was first time I am entering inside the airport. I visited airport during my primary classes excurtion. And later my father’s brother got a job at Saudi. I came to drop him with my family members. So I was familiar with the airport from outside.

Inside Airport :

I took my bag packed with a few clothes to survive for a week at Kashmir. I was more excited to visit Kashmir and moreover I was travellling to Kashmir on a flight. My first flight was Indigo Airlines. I just checked in to airport. Give the beautiful lady my ticket confirmation letter. She gave me a smile and issued me the ticket. The flight was after an hour. I waited inside the airport. I saw a café, shopping area, I went near the café. I odered a cup of coffee for me and a Bread Sanwitch. It was a bit expesive than a local tea stall as I usually have these.


After some time I found the information on the display board which says to check in. I just walked near the door taking my ID Card and Ticket.

I just walked through a door and find airhostess smiling at me and greeting me.

Sir, Namaskar, Welcome to Indigo Airlines.


I steped inside the flight. the moment was really exciting. Another beautiful airhostess came and asked me to tie the seat belt. I told her it was my first journey. She showed me how to lock the belt. Then she give some instructions about the flight and safety measures.

Bing Bing . After the beep sound the pilot introduced himself through the speakers and he told let’s fly.

i feel very much excited. I fly to Delhi and then got another connection flight to Sri Nagar, Kashmir.

This was my first Flight Experience.


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