World of Educated unemployees..

Kerala state have a good litracy level compiring to the other states. Most of the youth may have completed higher secondary education,But no matters they pass or fails.If pass, it is sure that they will leave the state with an education loan and move to Tamil Nadu or Karnataka and joins for Engineering. Now Kerala is following a trend of “Engineering”.Before it was “Nursing”. They always follows the trends in education. They took loan for the courses.
One of my cousin brother was intrested in mechanical and electrical field. My mother adviced his father to send him for polytechnic according to the taste of him. But his father told that their is no oppurtunity for that and he send his son for Nursing which he expected a salary above 1 lack in foriegn countries. But as he completed his course. Now he is getting a salary of 10,000 working at a hospital at malappuram. His father had took a loan of 4 lack. Now paying a monthly payment of Rs 13,000/.
His father send his younger son to the same course and paying another 10,000/ as loan.
Some of my friends has shared their experiance to me that they are back drops for 3 semesters and have 8-12 papers to get. Somehow they got pass by the final semester.
As they come to the the field. They are suppose to compete with the highly talented ones. They may have either got failed or may come to success.
Emerging new innovation to their work makes them successful.
Now the B grade jobs such as Mason,Plumber etc.. get high salary. I think professional colleges will begin the courses for this jobs too…


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