Request to Kerala CM by a Common man

Kerala CM has a major strategy of 100 days to perform a devoloping of Kerala in all sectors.  The Strategy plan is good and i appriciate the programme. What all you do may good for the people. According to a common man, IT collabrations or tie-ups wont help them in anyways. The primary need is Food,Current,Water,Road.  I had seen many flex boards with the CM’s face allover with a proclamation “ Onam gift from the Kerala CM – 25 kg Rice ” I thank you for the rice. I am satisfied with the power supply ( KSEB) though powercuts occur. Public Taps gives water to my locality,I am not aware of the fellow mans in Vypin. But our dear CM, The commoners are not satisfied with the roads of Kerala, Highways are in  poor condition.

The Travellers on Bus are really affecting badly. We are not asking for a sudden operation that will not last for  about 3 months. We need a solution for atleast 5 years.  Quality of Roads should be improved as the Roads are made good. The Investors will be more attracted to our Kerala. Logistics and Trasportation can be done easier.

Kindly Consider this issue,While discussing about this issue or any other issue, Please ask your MLA’s that dont blame the former ministry that they were wrong. Complete  the works  that the Next Ministry wont blame you.