Investment v/s Trading in Stock Market….

Investment makes more money than Trading…. I dont know weather how many intelligent friends belives this ..

But its the reality. I am really intreasted in Stock Market, Why ? its really a big question which have no answer. Any way i love share market. I took a study about Share Market, I got a rough idea about  what share means and how shares can create wealth. Its a part of money management and intelligent investment.

From my reading and findings Its better to be a investor than becoming  a Trader. But being an Investor is not an easy task.

Certain features are needed to be an Investor.

  • Intelligence – Invest with Intelligence means the shares you choose must give you a better return.
  • Patience – Be Patient to wait untill you get your target . Suppose if your stock go in a lower position you should be patient to make the result.
  • Tachnical Analysis – Study breifly about the Company , Do better homework. About their two years Performance in the Market etc…
  • Avoid Booming – Avoid Shares which are in a booming condition. Invest in the shares  which gives their dividend for the last 20 years. Dont buy the stocks in high margin.
  • Medium Price – Stocks may be sometimes in a high price, It is better to avoid such stocks and buy only good performing medium stocks.
  • Avoid Continuous Buying and Selling – Avoid continuous buying and selling. If you have invested in a better performing stocks with medium price you may not have to sell with a near by target.

Technology made the Investors to Traders. It is a real foolishness that Lakhs can be earned from Day Trading. No one will be aware of the Lakhs you loose through the other hand.

A Patient Investor can create wealth , A Trader can Create Debt.

If  you want to feel this try  it………..


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