Indian Stock Market shows the effect of Loan Scam

Even though it was a gloomy day due to the issues prevailed in the Market about the Loan Scam. Big Fishes have trapped in the net of CBI. It was sure about the market  decline .Both NSE & BSE declines -66.00 & -141.69. Reality and Bank showed the fall .

LIC falls to 945.00 and closes in 1058.10  . Bank of India falls to 415  and closes in 420.30.

Auto sector was the gainers, Apollo Tyres performed well and Infosys and TATA Consultancy in the IT SEctor were the performers .

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Real Estate and Banking sector shows a decline. The People who hold the stock sell out them in the Market. But it was sure about the Market will be back and these stocks will perform in the few months.  Central Bank and Indus India Bank were the gainers in todays market.  Nifty Future closes in this month. So hopes that tommarrow will be a bright day if the situation sounds well.



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