Housing Loan Scam !!!

India is a Financialy upcoming Country which had already proved its status and ability to the World. And In the Financial Graph of the World many indian entreprenuers had come to the first 50’s .  Mukesh Ambani,Lakshmi Mittal are the 4th and 5th  billionares of the World.

But India is still corrupted. Indian Businessman still doing malpractices and corruption.

Equity Benchmarks witnessed a sharp fall on Wednesday which resembles in the Market by the effect of news that CBI raids the LIC Housing Finance ofiices in Mumbai, Delhi Kolkota and Chennai.

Eventhough there was a confusion in the Market about the Korean Issue. But as the news  take precuations to Control the war. The market again came upto a 100 points.

LIC falls from 1,308 to a lower level of  1068.55 ( -239.60)

Central Bank  also results a sharp drop from 215.15 to 197.90 (-17.25)

Bank of India falls from 474.30 to 446.40 (-27.90)

Note : It may be a good oppurtunity to buy Bank shares which were performing well. After a few days or more these shares will be back to the Active position.


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